Honda Civic tyres

Since its launch in 1972, the Honda Civic range has been through something of a revolving door. It has had more line-up changes than Fleetwood Mac or Black Sabbath. The Civic’s tenth generation, surely a record for any production car, will soon be introduced to the marketplace.

However, that the Civic is not only still being made after 40 years but also selling as well as ever tells its own story. New models look good, have a dazzling range of equipment and can offer great levels of economy. On all previous form, they should also feature absolutely bombproof reliability.

While two petrol engine versions of the Civic are available, the company has always put a lot of work into its diesels. The current version, the 1.6 litre i-DTEC, can average 78mpg but still offers good performance. All new models feature ‘stop-start’ engine technology to reduce fuel consumption further. They also have an ‘Econ’ button which adjusts throttle response and the car’s air-conditioning to increase economy.

If that makes the Civic look a little too much like a staid eco-warrior or a car for old fogies, of course there’s the Type R to consider, too. This is the high-performance in-yer-face model of the Civic range. It’s enormously popular, with a huge rear wing, four oversize exhaust pipes, sports styling, whopping 19-inch alloy wheels for low-profile tyres and a thumping turbocharged Jack-the-Lad of an engine to match.

Needless to say, these different versions of the Civic will be driven in enormously different styles and by motorists who are polar opposites. Very few cars manage to appeal as much to the owner of a whippet and a flat cap as to the owner of a hoodie and a tattoo. Furthermore, its reliability and safety have always made the Civic a popular choice for growing families and the school run, especially in estate form.

To narrow Civic drivers down to three stereotypes is to oversimplify things. However, different drivers in different versions of the Civic will place very different demands on their car’s tyres. Considering your own driving style and the different grip and economy levels of replacement tyre options will help you choose the right tyres for fitting to your car.

Bridgestone tyres are factory-fitted to many Civic models and this is etyres’ best-selling brand of replacement tyre for the Civic, closely followed by Continental. Dunlop’s BluResponse range is another popular choice, with the same company’s SportMaxx tyre a suitable choice for the high-performance Type R. Another tyre to suit this premium model’s performance is Goodyear’s Eagle F1 Asymmetric tyre, while Goodyear’s EfficientGrip range sells well across all different types of Civic.

For older versions of the Civic – many of which feel as if they will go on forever – and for cost-conscious motorists, etyres supplies and fits a wide range of budget and economy tyres, at prices which include the convenience of mobile fitting.