Honda Accord tyres

To decry the Accord for a lack of the looks or kudos of many of its rivals is to miss the point rather. It’s an accomplished and refined car with all the mechanical indestructability you’d expect from a Honda. It offers good all-round ability, with a smooth, quiet and comfortable drive. New models promise many years of safe, hassle-free and reliable motoring.

However, the Accord is by no means a cheap car to buy or indeed run. This means that when new tyres are needed your focus should be firmly set on the fuel economy ratings of different replacement tyre options. Even the most economical diesel engine in the Accord returns 53mpg, far below the efficiency of other cars of a similar size and price. Running costs are no better with the petrol-engine versions of this car.

Even the most fuel-efficient tyres won’t do a huge amount to improve these poor mpg figures. However, the important thing is that the least fuel-efficient tyres will send them spiralling into an even more southerly direction, leading to further increased running costs.

Fuel economy ratings are published on each tyre’s label, and on this website, and will help you choose the right tyres for your Accord. Also shown on the label is the tyre’s wet grip rating. It’s worth saying that another reason for this to be a less important factor than fuel economy is that the Accord can hardly be labelled a ‘performance’ car. It’s more at home on the motorway and the school run than being driven hard thorough the gears on twisting A-roads.

Bridgestone tyres are a popular choice with etyres customers for the Accord, with the Turanza range a good all-round option to suit this car. Continental tyres are also among our best-sellers for this car. However, some drivers have reported ‘tramlining’ problems on older Accord models which are fitted with alloy wheels and low-profile Continental tyres.

Goodyear EfficientGrip, Michelin EnergySaver and Dunlop BluResponse tyres are very much worth considering for the Accord. All are designed for optimum fuel economy without cutting corners on performance. They also come with all the reassurances you’d expect from premium brand tyres.

Nexen is another popular tyre choice for these cars; and for older models or those which don’t cover an enormous mileage of course etyres stocks a broad range of budget tyres to fit both the Accord and its drivers’ pockets.