Ford Transit tyres

White Van Man may well be one of the most feared drivers on the road. To misquote Mark Twain, though, he may not know much, but he definitely knows what he likes: tattoos, the tabloids and invariably the Transit. Indeed Ford’s hauler has been the backbone of working Britain for fifty years now, the van best suited to the needs of delivery drivers, labourers and tradesmen.

In the old days, vans were narrow, slow, asthmatic and uncomfortable. Ford pooled its American and European technology and experience in the 1960s to produce one that would do the job with broad-shouldered brawn and a driver-friendly environment. Fashions may come and go but the Transit has stayed constant, always totally fit for purpose and a mainstay of UK industry.

As you’d imagine, a Transit’s tyres undergo much more strain than those fitted to a car. This is mainly due to the sheer weight they can be expected to shift, a mass which will put particular strain on them when cornering. Many van tyres are therefore reinforced, making them much stronger than a regular car tyre and much less susceptible to damage on a day-to-day basis. The critical issue with van tyres is the load rating, which is shown in numbers on each tyre’s sidewall.

Naturally a worn or damaged van tyre should always be replaced by one with a similar load rating. A tyre with too low a road rating is obviously a danger waiting to happen on a Transit. Legal regulations for vans and other commercial vehicles are different to those governing regular cars, but tyre safety should not be compromised on any vehicle.

It’s also important to ensure that your van tyres are fitted with the right valves. Since tyre pressures for these vehicles will be much higher than for normal cars, a heavy-duty valve is necessary.

Since time is money for most Transit drivers, etyres’ mobile fitting service is particularly convenient for them: saving time is as important as saving money. Indeed van and commercial tyres is an area in which etyres specialises – no surprise since we run a large fleet of vans ourselves to deliver our service to every customer’s driveway.

EU tyre labelling regulations apply to tyres for vans commercial vehicles as well as cars. Using these labels will help you find the right tyre to suit your Transit’s daily use as well as your budget. For many Transit drivers, price is a key factor when purchasing new tyres. Looking at each tyre option’s label on this website will help you find the right tyres for your van at the best price.

It’s no surprise that etyres’ best-selling tyre for the Transit is Continental’s Vanco tyre, which has good ratings for both wet grip and fuel economy and is available in a reinforced format. Firestone’s Vanhawk range is another popular option. Both of these ranges offer high levels of durability well as long-term load-bearing capability, important issues for every commercial vehicle driver.