Ford S-Max tyres

The Ford S-Max was originally launched in 2006, with a new version of the car only recently available on the market. By all accounts, it’s right at the top of this market sector, offering versatile and practical seven-seat motoring. The critical thing this car does is offer car-like performance, with an enjoyable drive and the handling of the Mondeo on which it is based. Unlike most of its rivals, its styling means that it doesn’t look like a bus or make its driver look resigned to the miserable reality of driving a dreary car now that he has a family.

Comfortable family motoring is what the S-Max is all about, something it manages with best-in-class safety ratings and without the bulky, ugly or cumbersome appearance or feel of many other MPVs. It’s extraordinarily practical, with lots of room, and powerful diesel engines which combine the sporty with the sensible. This isn’t the cheapest MPV option but the old adage of quality not coming cheaply seems particularly true with this car.

In terms of tyres, the theme of getting what you pay for continues. There’s no getting away from the fact that the S-Max is a big car and it can therefore be very heavy when laden with the children, the pushchair, the shopping, the luggage and/or the dog. As such, driver reviews have commented that it can be very unforgiving of its front tyres, with these wearing more quickly than you might expect. The car therefore calls for durable tyres and these are never the cheapest option. However, in terms of cost divided by use, they are usually the best long-term value.

It’s no surprise that etyres’ three best-selling lines for the S-Max are all durable tyres from well-known tyre manufacturers. These are therefore the obvious starting point when replacing worn or damaged tyres. Continental’s SportContact range balances good driving performance with safety and long-term economy, making it a perfect match for this car. This is especially true for drivers who don’t want to give up the enjoyment of driving a well-handling and responsive car but need an MPV’s space. Goodyear’s EfficientGrip range effectively does what it says on the tin, with grip levels to complement the S-Max and to offer increased safety for family driving in all weathers. Michelin’s Primacy is more of all ‘all-round’ tyre choice, designed for driving comfort as well as safety and economy. None of these tyres is the cheapest option but all three are worth careful consideration.

At a lower price point, Nexen tyres have proved a popular choice for drivers across the Ford range, not solely for the S-Max. The N Fera tyre is specifically designed for cars of this type, while the N8000 is popular for its balance of economy and durability.

There are two important footnotes to bear in mind when buying tyres for the S-Max. Not all models come with a spare wheel as standard. If your car is not fitted with one, a tyre repair kit, consisting of a can of repair ‘slime’ and a compressor, should be supplied in its case. Additionally, some, but not all, S-Max models are supplied with run-flat tyres. Needless to say, a run-flat tyre should always be replaced on a like-for-like basis, rather than by a regular tyre.