Ford Mondeo tyres

Strictly speaking, the term ‘Mondeo Man’ should never have existed. The story which gave rise to the phrase in the long-gone days of ‘New Labour’ actually involved the owner of a Sierra, the Mondeo’s predecessor. However, the phrase not only entered but has also remained steadfast in common lexicography. This was due solely to the Mondeo’s ongoing popularity with the rank and file masses of British motorists. Even though it is now ageing, the Mondeo has earned this popularity. It is still one of the country’s best-selling cars, combining distinctive looks with refined performance and available with a wide range of engine choices.

The Mondeo is also a solid used car option. It is cheap to buy and has low running and repair costs. It continues to be a mainstay of company car fleets across Britain and Europe, particularly so in the case of diesel models. It has always been a popular choice of family car, too, especially in estate format.

etyres fits tyres to a huge number of Mondeos every year. With so many of them on British roads, a large amount of replacement tyre options are available to suit every model and all different kinds of Mondeo drivers. Interestingly, just as for the Ford Focus, the brand of tyre most frequently fitted by etyres to the Ford Mondeo is Nexen. The company is a relative newcomer to Britain but its tyres are known to combine good fuel economy with excellent grip in wet roads. Their competitive pricing must also be a factor in this popularity.

Goodyear EfficientGrip and Continental PremiumContact and SportContact tyres may be premium options but they sell particularly well for fitting to different Mondeo models. Dunlop tyres have also proved popular. The most obvious starting point in replacement tyre choice will be your driving style and annual mileage. Considering both of these and then comparing grip and economy ratings on the labels of different tyre options will help you choose the best tyre for your needs.

Needless to say, many Mondeo drivers will make a price-led decision and of course etyres supplies a large range of budget and economy tyres. These are all available at competitive prices which include the convenience of mobile fitting.