Ford Kuga tyres

The Kuga is Ford’s model in the SUV market. This sector didn’t really exist fifteen years ago yet has now become one of the most competitive parts of the motor industry. Models from almost all manufacturers compete, with different abilities in terms of towing capacity, comfort, practicality and off-road performance. Fashion dictates that this is a lucrative marketplace for the car makers who succeed in the difficult challenge of capturing the imagination of the buying public.

The first version of the Kuga was Ford’s opening foray into this market segment. Being such an international company, Ford also retailed an SUV called the Escape in America. The original 2008 Kuga and older versions of the Escape were very different. However, 2012 saw Ford release one vehicle to replace both of them. This is based on Ford’s C1 platform, used internationally as the underpinnings of models like the Focus. The key feature of the new Kuga, a completely different car to the old one, is this Focus-based technology. SUV drivers are used to their cars having handling far different than that of hatchbacks. In contrast, the new Kuga feels and drives like a Focus, something which should underpin its commercial claims in such a competitive marketplace.

A wide range of tyres have been factory-fitted to models from both incarnations of the Kuga. Since the Kuga is a relatively young car, most owners have replaced worn or damaged tyres on a like-for-like basis to ensure that their car has similar tyres on all four wheels. It follows that etyres’ five best-selling tyre ranges for the Kuga all have this original equipment status in common.

Pirelli’s Scorpion tyres and Goodyear’s Wrangler range have been fitted to many four-wheel-drive versions of the Kuga. These are specifically designed for the demands of SUV and crossover vehicles, meaning that they are a perfect match for these models. Interestingly, both are designed for 100% on-road, rather than occasional off-road, use.

For two-wheel-drive versions of the Kuga, Pirelli P Zero tyres may seem an unusual choice since they are designed as high-performance tyres for powerful sports cars. However, they have proved a popular choice which will complement the Focus-like handling and agility of the Kuga models which have the more powerful diesel engines.

The list is completed by Continental’s CrossContact and PremiumContact ranges. The former is another range designed for use on SUV and 4×4 vehicles, built with an emphasis on high levels of grip. High levels of grip in all weathers is a feature shared by PremiumContact tyres. Both of these ranges deliver the outstanding durability you’d expect from a premium tyre, making them particularly suited to the Kuga.