Ford Ka tyres

In a world in which many cars look the same, Ford took a bold step into new territory when launching the Ka back in 2006. Its blend of friendly, funky and unconventional styling made it an immediate success. It was simple, well-engineered and cleverly-designed and the original stood the test of time for twelve years, no mean feat in the rapid waters of the supermini market sector.

The car was relaunched in 2008, with Ford committing to a partnership with Fiat to share technology in a small car market in which huge numbers of competitors had come out of the woodwork. Thus the new version of the Ka has a little less individuality, sharing many similarities with Fiat’s 500 range. In looks, the modern car has lost its very distinctive image, now resembling a smaller version of the Fiesta.

The Ka has been particularly popular with young and first-time drivers. It has always been cheap to run and insure while maintaining the style lacking in many of its rivals. It’s a small city car, rather than being built for the motorway, but with the safety features of a much larger car.

etyres’ two best-selling tyres for the Ka continue this safety-orientated theme. Goodyear’s EfficientGrip tyres come in versions specifically designed for small and compact cars, while Continental‘s PremiumContact range offers similar eponymous qualities. Both are premium tyres, more expensive than average, but well worth the investment in terms of the high levels of grip they offer a car like the Ka. Needless to say, better grip ratings translate into higher safety standards in terms of braking and roadholding; important benefits for younger and more inexperienced drivers.

In contrast, the noise emission ratings shown on each replacement tyre won’t be of much interest for Ka drivers. Tyre labels also show fuel efficiency ratings but these, too, won’t be so important in this case as the Ka range features small engines with great fuel economy anyway.

Other options to consider include Dunlop’s BluResponse tyres, which sell well across a range of small cars as well as for the Ka. Kumho and Nexen tyres have also proved particularly popular, offering good ‘all-round’ performance at a very competitive middle-market price point. Firestone’s Multihawk range is also worth considering, offering a good balance of performance and economy for more cost-conscious Ka drivers.