Ford Galaxy tyres

The Ford Galaxy is an MPV with seven seats, built for passenger comfort on long journeys. Despite its size, it is considered surprisingly good in terms of cornering and handling, making it much more car-like to drive than many other MPVs of a similar size. The main reason why it is not more popular with drivers who need this much room comes from nothing else than Ford itself. The Galaxy is very similar in design and capability to another Ford car, the S-Max, just slightly larger and with more of an emphasis on comfort than sportiness. Though it has been around for twenty years now, it still offers solid and safe motoring with good quality engines and interiors.

There’s no getting away from the fact that the Galaxy is a big car and thus a heavy one, especially with seven adults on board. It can therefore be quite demanding of its tyres. Tyre labelling regulations do not include a tyre’s relative durability, but there’s usually a correlation between tyre price and longevity. As such, etyres’ advice to buy the best replacement tyre you can reasonably afford rings particularly true in the case of the Galaxy.

The Galaxy is more expensive to buy than many of its rivals (the S-Max included) but it is a popular car for growing families and professional drivers. In terms of practicality, versatility and performance, it’s worth that extra money for many. The car’s safety properties have made it popular for family motoring, a safety theme which continues into replacement tyre choice. The safety benefits promised by a tyre with a good rating for wet grip cannot be overstated. Such a rating implies better grip when braking, accelerating and cornering in all weathers, not just on wet roads, as well as increased roadholding and handling. For the many who use their Galaxy as a family car, utmost importance should therefore be placed on the wet grip ratings of different tyre options.

A secondary concern is each tyre’s fuel economy rating. While the Galaxy offers good mpg figures for what is, after all, quite a large car, these will be complemented by the right tyre choice. In contrast, Galaxy owners who cover a high mileage will soon notice the difference in fitting a tyre with a low fuel efficiency rating. That difference is felt in higher running costs and more visits to the filling station.

etyres’ best-selling range for the Galaxy comes not from one of the premium brands but from Nexen, widely considered a solid middle-market tyre choice. Its NFera range is specifically designed to meet the demands of SUV and MPV cars and offers durability and good levels of wet grip. The same company’s N8000 range represents good ‘all-round’ qualities, making it a popular choice.

Of tyres from the premium brands, Goodyear’s EfficientGrip range and Michelin’s Energy Saver tyres are worth considering. Both promise all the durability and safety reassurances you’d expect from a more expensive tyre from manufacturers who are household names.