Ford Fusion tyres

The Ford Fusion was launched in 2002, with an advertising campaign that championed it as ‘the small car that commands respect’. This slogan rather lacked style, wit or gravitas; and sadly the same could have been said for the car itself. It was essentially a Fiesta with a taller roof and increased ground clearance, more comfortable for taller drivers, and that was about it. Being a bit heavier than a normal Fiesta, it is less punchy to drive, and its dumpy looks have proved its major stumbling block.

The Fusion was discontinued in 2012 when replaced by the Fiesta-based B-Max. It remains a solid enough used car option, being extremely cheap to both buy and run. Realistically, it tends to be favoured by the pipe and slippers brigade, with its natural environment the Middle England garden centre car park rather than the set of Made In Chelsea.

No-nonsense and no-frills value is what the Fusion does best. This theme continues into replacement tyre choice. etyres’ sales records indicate an overwhelming trend towards budget and economy tyres amongst Fusion drivers. Naturally we supply and fit a broad range of these, including many in sizes and specifications to suit this car. Wet grip ratings should be as much of an influence in choosing between them as their price tag.

Not all budget tyres are the same, and the safety benefits of tyres with good grip cannot be overstated. As well as better stability in both wet and dry conditions, increased grip means safer roadholding, shorter stopping distances and a reduced risk of aquaplaning on wet roads. In contrast, fuel economy ratings of different tyre options will be less of a concern, with most Fusions on Britain’s roads only used for small annual mileages anyway.

For those willing to look beyond the budget ranges, Nexen’s NBlue tyres are a popular choice for the Fusion. These offer a lot of quality for the money and promise more long-term durability than many cheaper options.