Ford Fiesta tyres

Month after month and year after year, the Fiesta is Britain’s top-selling car. Total sales in the UK alone are in excess of four million. Even the most cursory glance at any customer or industry review will tell you why. It packs excellent performance, handling and roadholding into a practical supermini size. A huge range of engine options means there’s a Fiesta to suit every driver’s need, from the extraordinarily economical to the high-performance ST model.

The Fiesta has never been an expensive car to buy or run. It is therefore as popular as a used car purchase as it is new from the main dealer’s forecourt.

With such large numbers of these cars on Britain’s roads, every year etyres supplies and fits literally thousands of tyres to Fiestas nationally. These cars are all of countless different types and ages. Additionally, they belong to motorists with many contrasting driving styles and budgets. As such, deciphering our sales records for them is a task rather like painting the Forth Bridge!

However, the first considerations to take into account when ordering new tyres for a Fiesta are how many miles you cover and your own driving style. A car covering a low annual mileage or only used occasionally for short journeys will be subject its tyres to a particular set of demands. These will be different from those placed on one which is used for a long daily commute in all weathers. Equally so, tyres which suit a high-performance version of the Fiesta will be very different from those which best match one with a small engine used solely for a pensioner’s local shopping trips.

Different wet grip and fuel economy ratings are clearly displayed on the label of all new tyres, and on this website. These will help you choose the right tyres to match your car, driving style and budget.

etyres’ best-selling premium tyre brand for the Ford Fiesta is Continental, in EcoContact, SportContact and PremiumContact forms. Each of these ranges offers a different set of grip and economy characteristics. All come with the reassurances you’d expect from fitting a tyre manufactured by a premium tyre brand. Different tyres from Dunlop and Pirelli are also popular choices. Additionally, Nexen NBlue tyres sell very well for fitting to Fiestas and offer solid performance, durability and economy without a premium price tag.

Kumho tyres are also worth consideration and can boast factory-fitted status for many new Fiesta models, while Goodyear is a perennially popular tyre choice with Fiesta drivers.

Not all Ford owners will want to fit premium brand tyres to their car. Of course etyres therefore supplies a broad range of budget and economy tyres to suit all motorists. Whatever tyres you need, we would be happy to fit them to your Fiesta.