Ford C-Max tyres

The C-Max occupies the middle point in Ford’s ‘Max’ range of MPVs. The smaller B-Max is based on the Fiesta while the S-Max shares its chassis and components with the larger Mondeo. The C-Max itself is based on the Focus and indeed was originally known as the ‘Focus C-Max’. This car strikes a balance between increased interior space and exterior bulk, making it a very suitable car for those who need more room than a hatchback but don’t want the driving impracticality of a large vehicle.

A high seating position means good visibility from all seats and, since the C-Max is based on the Focus, reliability and handling are beyond question. It is also available as a seven-seater called the ‘Grand C-Max’, massively popular for larger families and as a taxi.

The first consideration when buying replacement tyres for this car should be your own driving style and mileage. Since the C-Max is a very economical and comfortable car, it is often used for high motorway mileages. Its diesel engines are both popular and economical, and their high mpg figures will be complemented by a tyre with a good rating for fuel economy.

In contrast, a C-Max used as a family car, which undergoes many shorter trips and school runs, will demand a tyre with a good rating for wet grip. This is an important safety consideration for family motoring. A high wet grip rating means better braking and roadholding in all weathers, as well as translating into shorter stopping distances on both wet and dry roads.

Another consideration is the durability of each replacement tyre choice. Though this is not expressly shown on each tyre’s label, it is fair to say that you usually get what you pay for. With a car like this, often used for heavy loads, etyres’ advice to buy the best tyre you can afford is particularly relevant.

Durability, good wet grip and better fuel economy are all provided by the Continental tyres fitted to many C-Max models in Ford’s factories. These come from the PremiumContact and SportContact ranges. The decision of which will suit best usually comes down to your own driving style and preference. Whichever suits your car best, these ranges are etyres’ best-selling tyres for the C-Max.

Goodyear’s EfficientGrip range is also worth considering since it offers similar qualities and will suit the C-Max perfectly. Nexen tyres have also proved popular for many Ford cars, not just the C-Max, and come with the benefit of a slightly lower price point than tyres from the premium brands.

Budget and economy tyres are a common choice, especially for older versions of this car. Naturally etyres supplies and fits a broad range of these for more cost-conscious drivers. Wet grip ratings should be your guide when choosing between the many budget tyres available to fit the C-Max.

A final note is that not every model in the C-Max range is supplied with a spare wheel as standard equipment. If your car does not have one, an emergency repair kit is usually supplied instead.