Ford B-Max tyres

Ford launched the B-Max to some fanfare in 2012. It’s designed as a city car, based on the chassis and engines of the Fiesta but featuring a much higher roofline. Its key feature is its sliding rear doors. Since there is no pillar between the front and rear doors, they can be opened to produce a gap of 1.5 metres for easy access to the back seats. Since these doors slide backwards, rather than opening outwards, getting in and out of this car is easy in even the most cramped car park space.

You can therefore immediately see that this car is aimed at families, with easy access and lots of interior space. The B-Max isn’t a fully-fledged MPV. Instead, it’s a smaller version, which – with five seats, not seven – features none of the bulk of bigger MPVs. Having the width of a normal hatchback, it’s a practical car for daily around-town driving, engineered for the school run and the supermarket car park.

Modern versions of the Fiesta, on which the B-Max is based, are very reliable and are fun to drive with poised handling and sharp steering. Though the Fiesta is more capable, comfortable and economical on long journeys than many cars of a similar size, the B-Max is more likely to be used for small annual mileages and for family motoring. Therefore wet grip ratings should be the most important factor to influence replacement tyre choice for this car.

A tyre with a good wet grip rating promises better roadholding and shorter stopping distances in both wet and dry conditions. This is a critically important issue in terms of driver and passenger safety. Grip also translates into increased performance and handling response, ultimately giving the driver increased control of the car at all speeds. For a family car like the B-Max, it’s important not to compromise on grip qualities when fitting new tyres.

For cars covering small annual mileages, the fuel economy rating of tyres is a lesser concern. That’s particularly relevant in this case since the modern Fiesta engine is so thrifty anyway.

etyres’ best-selling tyres for the B-Max are Continental’s PremiumContact range. While these tyres lack for nothing in terms of wet grip capabilities, their popularity is mainly due to the fact that they are factory-fitted by Ford to most new B-Max models. When a tyre is worn or damaged, many drivers will replace it on a like-for-like basis so that the new tyre matches the other three on the car. When that tyre has been specially chosen by Ford, as these have, sticking with the ‘tried and tested’ makes perfect sense. Continental tyres will never be the cheapest option, but they are by no means the most expensive, and this PremiumContact range suits the B-Max perfectly.

Similar qualities are found with Dunlop BluResponse tyres and Goodyear’s EfficientGrip range, which make a good alternative. Additionally, we are occasionally asked to fit a budget or economy tyre to a B-Max: naturally we supply an enormous range of these including many to fit this car. When choosing between these budget tyre options, wet grip levels remain the most important factor.