Fiat car tyres

etyres supply and fit a comprehensive range of recommended Fiat tyres at low prices while delivering a convenient service. To buy your new tyres online enter the size of your existing Fiat tyres into the search tool, alternatively you can call the national sales team on 0800 028 9000 to discuss your tyre requirements further.

Fiat tyre information

Italian manufacturer Fiat prides itself on having technological innovation at the heart of every project and ensuring the safety and security of drivers. Fiat’s commitment to environmentally friendly practices can be seen as the brand continue to have the lowest carbon emission vehicles in Europe.

To experience any Fiat model in its all singing all dancing glory the manufacturer endorses industry guidelines that recommend tyres to be changed at 3mm tread depth, improving safety, grip and braking performance. Click here to watch a short video showing the difference having a 3mm tread depth can make over the legal minimum requirement of 1.6mm.

Changing Fiat tyres

When changing your Fiat tyres we recommend fitting tyres that are the same size as those already on the vehicle. However if you wish to put tyres on different sized wheels onto your Fiat you need to ensure that it is not going to damage the drive train. For instance, a 195/65/15 tyre on a 17" rim, could legitimately become a 165/65 (narrower) or a 195/55 (shorter) but could not stay a 195/65 as before. If you are looking to change the size of your tyres you can use our handy tyre size calculator to help you find the right size.

It is important that when changing your Fiat tyres they are re-fitted using the correct torque settings. Torque is the amount of pressure used to tighten the wheel nuts and is defined by Fiat to ensure safe handling. The torque settings for the most popular Fiat models can be found in the chart here.

Fiat tyre tests and reviews

Here are some examples of tyres fitted to popular Fiat models, but we advise you to check the size of the tyres currently fitted to your vehicle before placing your order. You can find this information on the sidewall of your existing tyre. Alternatively you can call our National Sales Team on 0800 028 9000 for impartial advice or to place an order.

Continental Sport contact 3

The Continental Sport Contact 3 is an ultra-high-performance summer tyre that offers drivers improved safety and cornering ability. This Fiat tyre has been designed to reduce braking distances on wet and dry roads to ensure high levels of safety.

Uniroyal Rainsport 2

This tyre has been designed to offer optimum performance in the wet and improved rubber compound enables the tyre to grip onto the roads surface. The V shaped tread pattern allows for rapid water evacuation resulting in a reduced the risk of aquaplaning.

Michelin Energy Saver+

The Michelin Energy Saver+ combines Eco N grip technology for durability with and optimised profile to increase safety by ensuring increased contact with road and higher levels of grip. Reduced rolling resistance also reduces fuel wastage making this Fiat tyre an excellent choice for those who are environmentally or cost conscious.