Fiat 500 tyres

The Fiat 500 blends individual retro style with city-car dimensions. The current version was launched in 2007. It immediately captured the hearts and minds of the public, just as the original 500 had done since 1957. Small but punchy engines combine cheap running costs with low fuel consumption. More importantly, though, they make these cars great fun to drive. No wonder, then, that the 500 is very popular with British and European motorists. Since the current model’s launch, Fiat has introduced SUV and MPV body types to the range.

Nippy urban performance, good roadholding and high mpg figures are the key features of the 500. Thus it’s no surprise that etyres’ best-selling replacement tyres for this car are the Dunlop BluResponse, Continental PremiumContact and Goodyear EfficientGrip ranges. All three offer excellent grip in all conditions along with good fuel economy ratings, making them perfect matches for this car.

Continental’s EcoContact range is another popular choice with etyres customers for this car. So, too, are Michelin’s Energy Saver tyres. Avon ZV5 and Bridgestone tyres are also worth consideration.

The new 500X Crossover or SUV is a larger, chunkier and roomier version of the 500, with larger engines than the original. Different versions come factory-fitted with Goodyear EfficientGrip, Goodyear Eagle F1 and Nexen tyres. These are the obvious starting point for replacement tyres with drivers of this model.

While a label of ‘MPV’ for the new 500L might be pushing the boundaries of the English language slightly, it too is much larger than the standard 500. It comes factory-fitted with both Nexen and Continental tyres.