Daihatsu tyres

Here’s a quick quiz to punctuate your day.

What do you know about the Daihatsu Charade? Or the Copen? Or the Materia, Sirion or Terios?

If you can’t think of anything, don’t worry.

Neither can anyone else.

(I do actually remember the Materia. It’s the one which is boxier than the ‘goods out’ area of the Amazon.co.uk warehouse.)

Japanese manufacturer Daihatsu made various small cars which were sold in the UK. Sadly what they had in common was that they were all very unremarkable and never caught the public’s imagination in any great way.

Two juggernaut forces collided to cause the company’s withdrawal from the UK market in 2011. The strength of the Yen meant that it became impossible for Daihatsu to sell cheap Japanese-made cars at a budget price in the European market and make a profit. The larger Japanese car makers may have had the resources to weather the storm, but not their smaller cousin.

Secondly, Daihatsu focused on small cars, something a slew of Korean firms had started to do better and more cheaply. Pity the poor Daihatsu dealer. Before the axe inevitably fell, his job would have resembled nothing so much as General Custer’s Last Stand at the Battle of Little Bighorn.

You may be visiting this website from a seaside retirement bungalow or a student hall of residence. If so, there is a slim statistical possibility that one of the few remaining Daihatsus is parked outside and you need a tyre for it. We cannot really claim that rarity value means that your car has an increased financial value. Sadly the very opposite is true, with the average Daihatsu now having little value at all.

As you’d expect, etyres fits few tyres to Daihatsu cars these days. Nine times out of ten, when we are called to one we do so armed with a budget tyre. You can find tyres to suit your car by entering your tyre size and postcode above.  Naturally etyres stocks a huge range of budget and economy in sizes to fit every remaining Daihatsu. These all come at competitive prices which include the convenience of mobile fitting.