Daihatsu Sirion tyres

Daihatsu’s city car offers reliability and economy. Factory fitted with Bridgestone ER30 tyres, the Pirelli P3000 energy tyres would also complement the car and provide excellent fuel economy. Fitting Michelin Energy EA3 tyres would also suit this vehicle and should ensure a pleasurable driving experience.

Our national sales team can provide impartial advice about a number of suitable replacement tyres for your Daihatsu depending on your model and driving style. Call us now on 0800 028 9000. To buy your new tyres online simply enter your tyre size into the search tool and arrange a time and place for our fitters to come to you.

Daihatsu Sirion tyre reviews

Below are two popular Daihatsu Sirion tyres available to buy from etyres today. These recommendations should only be used as a guide and when buying new tyres you should always use the size of the tyres you are replacing to ensure safety.

Pirelli P3000

This environmentally friendly Daihatsu Sirion tyre offers reduced fuel consumption as a result of the low rolling resistance. The longitudinal grooves and wave shaped sipes offer excellent handling in wet conditions.

Bridgestone ER30

The Bridgestone ER30 offers drivers an excellent combination of comfort, handling and performance as a result of the specially designed tread pattern.

Daihatsu Sirion car tyre information

When changing your Daihatsu Sirion tyres it is important to ensure that they are fitted using the correct amount of pressure to tighten the wheel nuts. This pressure is called torque and the manufacturer recommended settings can be found in your owner’s handbook and on the main Daihatsu page.