Daihatsu Copen tyres

The agile Copen offers superb handling and requires tyres with plenty of grip. Factory fitted with original equipment Bridgestone Potenza RE050, however the Toyo Proxes R888 and Continental Sport Contact 3 are both suitable alternatives.

To buy your Daihatsu Copen tyres today simply enter your tyre size into the search tool or call the national sales team on 0800 028 9000 for more information and advice on choosing the best tyres for your needs.

Daihatsu Copen tyre reviews

Below is a selection of the most popular Daihatsu Copen tyres available to buy from etyres today. This should only be used as a guide and it is important to check the size of your current Daihatsu car tyres before purchasing new ones.

Toyo Proxes R88

The Toyo Proxes R88 provides drivers with a tread pattern that has been optimised to ensure maximum dry performance and wet traction combined with excellent handling capabilities at high speeds.

Bridgestone Potenza RE050

This high performance tyre offers drivers excellent handling on both wet and dry roads. The lateral tread grooves efficiently evacuate water from under the tyre to ensure maximum contact with the road surface and reduce the risk of aquaplaning.

Continental Sport Contact 3

The Continental Sport Contact 3 provides Daihatsu Copen drivers with excellent handling, reduced braking distances and reduces risk of aquaplaning.

Daihatsu Copen car tyre information

If you change your tyres it is important that you ensure they are fitted using the correct amount of pressure to tighten the wheel nuts. They need to be tight enough to not come loose but not so tight that you can’t get them off in the case of an emergency. These torque settings can be found in your owner’s handbook and on the main Daihatsu page.