Daewoo Lacetti tyres

The Daewoo Lacetti is the South Korean manufacturer’s compact car. If a smooth drive is your priority, then the Goodyear GT2 or Continental Eco Contact 3 are good tyre choices for this car, enhancing comfort with little road noise. An alternative Daewoo Lacetti tyre is the Dunlop SP2000, offering high levels of grip when required.

To buy Daewoo Lacetti tyres simply enter your tyre size into the search tool on the left, select a time for our fitters to come to your home or work, sit back and relax. If you would like some more information on how to choose the best tyres for your driving needs call the national sales team on 0800 028 9000.

Daewoo Lacetti tyre reviews

Three of the most popular Daewoo Lacetti tyres available to buy form etyres can be found below. Please note that these are only recommendations and all tyres should be purchased using the size of the tyres currently fitted to your vehicle.

Continental Eco Contact 3

The tread on the Continental Eco Contact 3 has been designed to provide increased levels of safety when braking and cornering. This Daewoo Lacetti tyre efficiently channels surface water away increasing aquaplaning resistance.

Goodyear GT2

The Goodyear GT2 offers drivers excellent tread durability, traction and aquaplaning performance. This Daewoo Lacetti tyre has also been designed to minimise noise levels providing a quiet and comfortable ride.

Dunlop SP2000

The Dunlop SP2000 is a high performance Daewoo Lacetti tyre offering drivers high levels of performance combined with a quiet comfortable ride. The tread has been designed to efficiently disperse surface water improving wet performance and reducing the risk of aquaplaning.

Daewoo Lacetti car tyre information

Daewoo Lacetti tyres must always be fitted using the correct amount of pressure used to tighten the wheel nuts; this is known as torque and is set by Daewoo. This information can normally be found in your owner’s manual, however these torque settings can also be found in the table on the main Daewoo page.