Citroen tyres

The pillars on which the Citroen brand has been built distinguish it from all other manufacturers. No other cars are as well known for their slightly unconventional and quirky, yet maybe rather graceful, looks. No other mass-market car maker is as closely identified with a pillow-soft ride due to baffling hydraulic suspension systems. Those who have driven a Citroen in the past will immediately recognise a modern model from its interior design and ‘science fiction’ dashboard alone. In a grey world of humdrum cars, where most look exactly the same, Citroens have always been a little bit different.

Few car brands inspire such loyalty as Citroen, whose cars are quintessentially yet indescribably French. The image of the beret-sporting peasant farmer driving a 2CV across a rutted field, invariably with a chicken in his lap, is an integral part of the Citroen legend. In French films, the getaway car of choice of the chain-smoking and turtle-necked criminal is invariably the Citroen DS, never a Renault. Such associations form part of the anvil on which the brand has been forged.

Citroen has always placed a strong emphasis on technology. Its ‘traction avant’ of 1933 was effectively the invention of the front-wheel-drive car. The company also pioneered the helical gearbox, the blueprint of modern gear design. Its range today encompasses small city cars, many different hatchbacks and family vehicles including the Picasso and Grand Picasso. All combine a soupcon of Gallic charm with value-for-money motoring. Cars with the company’s distinctive double-chevron badge are a popular choice with British motorists.

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