Citroen DS 3 tyres

Citroen has always been known for unconventional car styling, something that is very much to the fore with the DS 3. It is modelled on the rather humdrum C3 but is all about style and image. Needless to say, it’s a car to which many young drivers aspire, with all kinds of customisation available. Two-tone body colouring, every kind of seat option and dashboard trims available in more colours than Joseph’s raincoat distinguish it from its sober brother. The DS 3 also features softer suspension and sportier body control than the C3, with precise steering and plenty of grip.

It may be quirky and fun but it’s also not expensive to buy or run, meaning that the DS 3 offers a lot of personality and style for the money.

Being a small hatchback designed to appeal to younger motorists, it’s fair to say that the average DS 3 won’t be covering a huge mileage. While few cars will look more at home in an urban environment, plenty represent a better and more comfortable option for long motorway journeys. As such, when it comes to replacement tyre choice, each tyre option’s grip will be of more importance than fuel economy, especially since high levels of grip are a feature of this car.

Goodyear EfficientGrip and Michelin’s Energy Saver and Primacy tyres are fitted by Citroen to most new DS 3 models. All three of these ranges are known for excellent grip in both wet and dry conditions, meaning that they will complement the DS 3 perfectly. Indeed these three top the list of etyres’ best-selling tyres for the DS 3. Their grip is important not only in terms of safety, stopping distances and roadholding but also because it helps to make this car such fun to drive with lively handling.

Bridgestone Potenza tyres are designed for high speed stability and are a little sportier than the two above. They are made for performance-orientated cars and Citroen has chosen them for the Racing, the ‘hot hatch’ model at the top of the DS 3 range. These tyres are known for their uncompromising ability on wet roads without blunting the performance of high-power engines. As such, they’re the first port of call with etyres for drivers of the DS Racing. This model has 18-inch alloy wheels which call for low-profile tyres – a cheaper tyre than the Potenza usually just won’t be up to the job.

Just as they have for the C3, Nexen’s tyres have proved a popular choice for DS 3 drivers. The Nexen N8000 represents a good ‘all-round’ tyre choice for these cars and won’t break the bank, either.