Citroen C4 tyres

Thrifty petrol and diesel engines mean that the Citroen C4 boasts low emissions and great fuel economy. It’s also known for its comfortable ride at high speeds and on motorways.

That the car has been around for some time now has its advantages. It means that new models are available from Citroen dealers at a healthy discount from the list price. Used models are not expensive, either. However, the car’s discount status has made it a popular option for price-conscious older motorists. Adding to this, its staid looks and strangely-shaped rear mean it’s definitely not a ‘cool’ car. To own one does carry with it the inherent risk of making you unintentionally look a little too much for comfort like Mr Magoo…

As with other Citroen models, the soft suspension of the C4 brings benefits for motorway cruising. However, it means that in normal driving conditions the ride can feel unsettled and lumpy. Body control of the car is not great and it can understeer or lurch rather when hurried into corners. It’s worth bearing this in mind when buying replacement tyres for a C4. A tyre with a high rating for grip (as indicated by the tyre’s labelling) is probably going to be a worthwhile investment for C4 drivers.

Michelin’s Energy Saver range is factory-fitted to many Citroen models. Indeed the working relationship of the two companies goes back over many decades. These tyres are the best-selling replacement tyre for the C4 with etyres. They offer drivers all the reassurance and safety benefits associated with one of the premium names in the tyre industry.

Goodyear’s EfficientGrip range is a worthy alternative which will suit the C4 well, as will most Dunlop tyres. Other options include Pirelli‘s Cinturato range, while Nexen and Hankook tyres are worth considering as more ‘middle market’ options.