Citroen Grand C4 Picasso tyres

Citroen ceased production of the Xsara Picasso in 2010. Available in its place is the C4 Picasso, with five seats, and the Grand C4 Picasso, which features seven. The latter therefore assumes the mantle of the family-friendly Citroen MPV, even though it is built on the same platform as its smaller brother.

Naturally the Grand C4 Picasso isn’t designed for high-performance driving or sporty handling. Instead it is made for the rigours of family life, with its features almost designed around the passengers in the back rather than those in the front. Passenger comfort and lots of room are its key features, along with very distinctive looks. Diesel models have been a popular choice since this car was launched in 2007. This will no doubt continue to be the case with the latest generation of the Grand C4 Picasso, which was only recently brought to the market.

While this is not a performance car, it is nonetheless a large and heavy one. As such, it can be quite demanding of its tyres and is best suited to a tyre with high levels of grip. This is an important consideration in replacement tyre choice. A tyre with good grip not only complements the roadholding of such a large car, particularly in corners, but also provides important safety benefits. Optimum tyre grip translates into shorter stopping distances and safer motoring as well as increased driver response and handling. Relative wet grip ratings are clearly shown on each new tyre’s label (and, indeed, on this website) and will help you choose the right replacement tyre.

The Grand C4 Picasso is suited to long motorway cruising as much as shorter journeys, with its diesel engines offering surprisingly good mpg figures. If your car is used for higher mileages, whether regularly or occasionally, then fuel economy ratings will be a factor when choosing new tyres.

The two types of tyre fitted to this car in Citroen’s factory (which, incidentally, is in Spain, not France) will both suit it perfectly, offering good levels of both grip and economy. They are Michelin’s Energy Saver tyres and Continental’s PremiumContact range. Neither is the cheapest tyre option for this car, but both top etyres’ list of best-selling tyres for the Grand C4 Picasso – and rightly so. Our usual advice is to buy the best tyres you can afford and these two are excellent choices for this car.

Other options to consider include Michelin’s Primacy tyres and Goodyear’s EfficientGrip range, while Nexen’s NBlue tyres have proved particularly popular with Grand C4 Picasso drivers. These are well-regarded for their safety in wet conditions and have the benefit of a competitive price tag.

If price is a critical factor in replacement tyre choice, etyres supplies and fits a range of budget and economy tyres including many to fit the Grand C4 Picasso. Wet grip levels should always be the priority when choosing between these: not all budget tyres are the same!