Citroen C3 tyres

In the ultra-competitive supermini market, the Citroen C3’s looks and style have made it a popular choice. It’s cheap to run, especially when fitted with a diesel engine. Soft suspension makes it very comfortable on motorways, where it feels, drives and holds the road like a much larger car.

That soft suspension brings its problems, though. Drivers can experience body roll when taking the car through corners at speed. Woolly handling also means that the grip level of the C3’s front wheels lags far behind that of other similarly-sized cars. In short, in hard cornering it can list like a ship in a storm. Furthermore, a stability control system is not fitted as standard equipment to all cars in the C3 range.

Despite the youthful image the company’s advertising seeks to project, Citroen hatchbacks are very popular with older motorists. Many C3 drivers chose the car for its relatively low purchase price and running costs. They are motorists who won’t be using the car for a high annual mileage. However, just as these drivers wouldn’t choose the cheapest shampoo on a supermarket shelf, etyres wouldn’t recommend choosing the cheapest tyres possible for a C3, either. To ensure the all-weather safety of a small car, it’s important to fit a replacement tyre which will offer good levels of wet grip. This is especially the case with one on which the front axle grip may not be particularly strong. Fitting a cheaper tyre which won’t provide this support could well prove a false economy.

Michelin’s Energy Saver range, which combines excellent grip and safety levels with good fuel consumption, is etyres’ most popular replacement tyre for the C3. Indeed, this tyre is factory-fitted to many Citroen models. Continental EcoContact and PremiumContact ranges are suitable premium-brand alternatives for the C3. Various Dunlop tyres will also fit the bill. Nexen and Firestone are other popular brands with C3 drivers and these come at a slightly lower price point.

Whatever your budget or driving style, etyres can help you find the right replacement tyres for your Citroen C3.