Citroen C1 tyres

In the crowded supermini and city car class, many buyers and drivers have noticed that there isn’t much to distinguish between the Citroen C1, Peugeot 106 and Toyota Yaris. That’s because they are all essentially the same car, made under a joint venture umbrella, just with slightly different external appearances. Underneath the skin, they share their engines, chassis and many components.

What possibly tips the verdict the way of the C1 is how this car looks, with its funky styling designed to appeal to younger motorists. Indeed this market sector is all about first-car driving. Accordingly, most models feature excellent fuel economy, small engines and relatively low insurance costs.

The C1 makes a good city car, being so small, and its performance is good enough to tick the box for many young drivers. It has just been relaunched in a new, facelifted version which does not feature a diesel engine. However, the fuel economy of the C1’s small petrol engines has always been so good that a diesel is almost entirely redundant, anyway.

It’s fair to say that the C1 isn’t really built, or intended to be used, for large annual mileages. Instead, it’s all about comfort and ease of use on short journeys and in an urban environment. Therefore the fuel economy ratings of different tyre choices won’t be a major influence on C1 drivers when new tyres are needed. Instead, each tyre’s wet grip rating will be much more important. It’s hard to overstate the importance in terms of safety of good wet grip, especially for more inexperienced drivers. It translates into shorter stopping distances on both wet and dry roads, along with better roadholding, cornering stability and driver control.

Many C1 drivers will focus upon the cheapest option when choosing a replacement tyre but it’s usually a sound investment to buy the best tyre you can afford. Michelin Energy Saver tyres and Continental’s EcoContact range are factory-fitted to most new C1 models and they balance economy and durability with excellent grip properties. It’s therefore easy to understand why these two are etyres’ best-selling tyres for this car. At a lower price point, Nexen’s NBlue range and Firestone Multihawk tyres have proved popular, too.

When choosing between the many budget and economy tyres available to fit the C1, wet grip ratings should be as important a criteria as each tyre’s price: needless to say, all economy tyres are not the same. A final consideration for C1 drivers should be to check whether their car is fitted with a spare wheel. These are not a standard fitting on all C1 models and it’s important to know if your car has one or just a repair kit instead.