Citroen Berlingo tyres

Boy racers and Chairmen of FTSE 100 companies can look away now. The Berlingo van and its passenger car brother, the Berlingo Multispace, are all about space, practicality, value and cheap motoring. They aren’t eye-catching or good-looking and you may well get called Postman Pat behind your back if you drive one. However, the Berlingo brothers are the latest in a long series of much-loved and almost indestructible no-frills vans from Citroen, packing quite a punch for a relatively small price.

There’s nothing hugely high-tech about this vehicle but then again that means that there’s less that can wrong. And some might say that the interior fittings are a bit on the cheap and cheerful side. However, when children and dogs are involved, putting grubby finger marks and muddy paw prints on every surface in sight, wipe-down qualities have their advantages.

One of the Berlingo’s incidental claims to fame is as an illustration of the ‘Clarkson Effect,’ a pied-piper force which can make or break a car’s commercial success. The Top Gear website details how a 2002 episode of the BBC show featured Jeremy Clarkson raving positively about the Berlingo Multispace. Before the show was aired, Citroen had sold 200 models that month. Eleven days later, it had sold 800 and was having to import more cars to meet the demand. “We couldn’t quite believe it,” a Citroen boss said at the time.

As you might expect, tyre choice for the Berlingo tends to focus on the functional and on value, rather than on the Lewis Hamilton end of the market. EU tyre labelling regulations make it easy to compare the wet grip and fuel economy levels of different replacement tyre choices, as well as their price. Since good fuel economy is very much a ‘given’ with the Berlingo, a tyre’s wet grip rating is usually the most important consideration. Additionally, the safety and performance benefits of a tyre with a better wet grip rating cannot be overstated on a vehicle which can lean rather in corners and is often heavily laden with either children or tradesman’s goods. The relative fuel economy ratings of different tyres are a secondary consideration, of most relevance to those who use the van version of the Berlingo for high annual working mileages.

As with almost all Citroen cars, most Berlingo models leave the factory with Michelin tyres. It’s therefore understandable that etyres’ best-selling tyres for them are from Michelin’s Energy Saver range, which is a perfect match. Nexen’s NBlue tyres offer a similar balance of wet grip and fuel economy but at a lower price point, ensuring their popularity. However, many Berlingo drivers will conduct their search for tyres on the economy end of the market. Naturally etyres supplies and fits a huge range of these to suit not only every Berlingo but also their drivers’ budgets.