Chrysler PT Cruiser tyres

The prefix ‘PT’ stands for ‘personal transportation’, which reflects the PT Cruiser’s flexibility and versatility for and the tyres for this car should reflect this individuality. The Pirelli P6 tyre, Goodyear NCT5 and Michelin Pilot Primacy would provide a comfortable ride without compromising on grip.

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Chrysler PT Cruiser tyre reviews

Below are two popular Chrysler PT Cruiser tyres that are available to buy from etyres. These recommendations should only be used as a guide and it is important to check the size of your current Chrysler PT Cruiser tyres before purchasing new ones.

Michelin Pilot Primacy

As a Chrysler PT Cruiser tyre the Michelin Pilot Primacy offers drivers durability and peace-of-mind in the knowledge of up to two metres shorter braking distances when compared to many close competitors.

Goodyear Eagle NCT5

The Goodyear Eagle NCT5 offer drivers a durable Chrysler PT Cruiser tyre built for both every day and motorway driving. Reduced noise levels are also beneficial to those looking to cover long distances.

Chrysler PT Cruiser car tyre information

When changing your Chrysler PT Cruiser tyres it is vital that they are fitted using the correct amount of pressure to tighten the wheel nuts. These torque settings can be found in your owner’s handbook and on the main Chrysler page.