Chrysler Grand Voyager tyres

The Grand Voyager is the classic American family MPV. Over ten million of them have been sold over the last 25 years. Its claims to fame in the UK are tenuous: older models became the unwitting whipping boys of the European car safety tests. Additionally, in terms of endorsement from celebrity ownership, the best this car can muster was Cherie Blair. A fleet of Grand Voyagers is used to ferry the candidates around in the BBC’s The Apprentice. Whether that counts as fame or not might be a moot point…

What the Grand Voyager does offer is space – huge amounts of it, as you’d expect from a car which is five metres long. Few MPVs can match it for sheer practicality, either. It features seven seats, many of which can be folded or swivelled, and a massive boot.

However, this all comes at a cost. The car is phenomenally thirsty, being big and heavy. Even with its 2.8 litre diesel engine, the car can feel underpowered and asthmatic. The Grand Voyager is expensive to buy, with only scarcity value to prop up residual values. Additionally, parts and servicing are very expensive, leading more than one Grand Voyager owner to comment that Dick Turpin is alive and well and running a Chrysler service depot.

The Grand Voyager is a common sight in America but the years have not been so kind to it in Britain. Here, it feels outdated and eclipsed by the likes of the Ford Galaxy, Seat Alhambra and VW Touran.

The best replacement tyres for the Grand Voyager will combine good levels of both wet grip and fuel economy. A high wet grip rating will give increased safety in all weathers as well as supporting the car when cornering. Indeed this vehicle’s isn’t the most comfortable in corners, being built for the touring nature of American driving rather than the British suburb. Higher levels of wet grip will mean safer braking and reduced stopping distances – an important thing on a car which weighs two tonnes! A tyre with a good fuel economy rating will help achieve the best possible mpg figures, a field in which the Grand Voyager needs as much help as you can give it. Goodyear’s Efficient Grip tyres are a sensible choice, as are the MPV-specific tyres from Continental’s CrossContact range.

etyres’ best-selling tyres for the Grand Voyager come from Nexen’s NBlue range. These are good ‘all-rounders’ which balance fuel economy and wet grip with a competitive price.