Chevrolet Captiva tyres

Chevrolet launched the Captiva into the UK market in 2007. Unlike most other SUVs, it came with seven seats and at an inexpensive price. It was the first diesel-engine vehicle Chevrolet had brought to the British market and offered a better mpg figure than most similarly-sized cars. It may not have had the cachet or the off-road capability of its rivals but the Captiva undercut them hugely on price. As such, it was a popular enough car for large families and drivers who needed a lot of interior space. Sadly, as for all other Chevrolets, new models are no longer available in the UK.

The Captiva remains a practical enough car and came with optional, rather than full-time, four-wheel-drive. This helps to keep its fuel consumption to a sensible level: it is, after all, a big and heavy car. Ultimately the Captiva was and is not as sophisticated as many modern SUV and 4×4 vehicles. A regular criticism is how uncomfortable its ride can be. The car is lumpy and bumpy enough on uneven roads when fitted with the standard 16-inch alloy wheels. With low-profile tyres fitted to the 19-inch wheels of top specification models, no doubt even the smallest bump in the road will make your spine rattle!

Ultimately the Chevrolet Captiva does what it says on the tin, even if it does so rather noisily and without much panache. A specialist 4×4 vehicle needs the right tyre for serious off-road use. That etyres’ sales records show not a single instance of these ever being fitted to a Captiva tells its own story. It is a vehicle with enough room for the dog, the shopping and the school run, rather than one that’s used in fields or mud.

etyres’ best-selling tyres for the Captiva come from Nexen’s Nfera range. These are designed to offer the stability and roadholding which a large SUV will demand for optimum roadholding, but are not built for off-road use. They are also competitively-priced compared to SUV tyres from the premium brands. Similar comments apply to the Kumho tyres which have proved a popular alternative. Just as the Captiva costs less to buy than many other vehicles, budget and economy ranges have proved the most popular tyres for Captiva drivers. Naturally etyres supplies and fits a large number of these. The wet grip levels of each replacement tyre option will help you choose the ones to best suit both your Captiva and your budget.