Chevrolet Aveo tyres

This car may have the Chevrolet name on its boot and badge on its front grille, but it’s made in Korea by what used to be known as Daewoo. It’s a good-looking little car, but handsome is as handsome does: while it’s comfortable and competent, it lacks the elan of many rivals in the ultra-competitive supermini sector, and poor sales figures mean that new models are no longer available in the UK.

What the Aveo does promise is economical motoring, since second-hand values are low and small engines mean low running costs, particularly with diesel models. Even though it offers a firm and composed enough drive on motorways, the Aveo is essentially a city car, used more often than not for low annual mileages and best suited to an urban environment.

Since good fuel economy is a key feature of this car, the wet grip ratings of different tyres will be an important factor in replacement tyre choice for safety-conscious drivers. It’s also a quiet car, as you’d expect from one with a small engine, so the varying noise emission levels of different tyre options is another factor to consider: a tyre with a low noise rating will complement the Aveo best and you’d immediately notice the difference if fitting an unduly noisy one.

Perhaps the key consideration affecting tyre choice among Chevrolet Aveo drivers is that of price, though. These cars are cheap to buy and run and will therefore appeal to cost-conscious motorists, a theme which will be a major influence on tyre choice. etyres supplies and fits a range of economy tyres to suit every driver’s budget, including many to fit this car, with the added convenience of mobile fitting.