BMW Z4 tyres

The Z4 looks great and drives well. Above anything it’s a fun car and one that turns heads. Its integral features are the rear-wheel-drive and 50/50 weight balance between front and rear axles which typify BMW’s performance sports cars. It’s a car bought for driving enjoyment and because it looks the part. That the Z4 is a little on the impractical side and rather expensive to buy and run are irrelevant.

Similar issues apply when buying tyres for a Z4. Cheaper and more practical options exist, but in terms of performance they won’t compare to the Bridgestone Potenza tyres which have always been factory-fitted by BMW. These aren’t the most fuel-efficient tyres on the market but they offer huge amounts of grip on dry roads, making them perfect for summer driving in a Z4. They feature a hard shoulder for maximum support when cornering, just what the Z4 demands. While they aren’t the most supremely durable of tyres, they’re nonetheless better than many other options in this regard. Being a rear-wheel drive sports car with a large engine, the Z4 will always quickly wear through a less durable tyre, particularly if it is fitted to the rear axle.

It’s therefore no surprise that Bridgestone’s Potenza range is by a country mile etyres’ best-selling tyres for the Z4. They are available to suit the standard 17-inch wheel size and in lower-profile versions for the 19-inch alloy wheels fitted to this car. In common with most of the BMW range, the Z4 is designed for – and sold with – run-flat tyres. As well as the safety benefits they offer, these also negate the need for a spare wheel in a car in which storage space is at a premium.

If there’s one criticism of these tyres, it is that the increased strength of their sidewalls can add to the firmness of the ride of a Z4. This isn’t a problem for many Z4 drivers. However, it ought to be said that some of them will replace the run-flats for a more conventional tyre in pursuit of increased performance, even if this comes at a cost in terms of safety or the car’s integrity. Each to their own, but etyres wouldn’t recommend this.

Away from the Bridgestone run-flat tyres, other popular tyre choices for the Z4 include Pirelli P Zero tyres. Even in run-flat format, these are performance tyres for high-powered cars and demanding drivers, with BMW-approved versions available. At a lower price point, run-flat tyres from Kumho have also proved popular. For those who have made the move away from run-flat tyres, Goodyear’s performance-orientated F1 Eagle Asymmetric tyres and Continental’s SportContact range will tick many boxes for Z4 drivers. Both offer the durability and performance which this car demands from its tyres.