BMW 7 Series tyres

BMW dealers have just welcomed the sixth generation of the 7 Series, a car which has been at the very top of the range since its launch in 1977. It exudes luxury but is quietly understated in appearance, a car as much to be driven in as to drive.

In its own right, the 7 Series features an excellent and comfortable interior and almost bulletproof engines and refinement. However, it is also an important figurehead for BMW. Every technological advancement the company makes is fitted to the 7 Series first before trickling down to other models in the range.

As examples of this, the new 7 Series features four-wheel steering and remote control parking, features which would have been simply unthinkable just a few years ago.

The 7 Series is a large and heavy car. While it is best-known as a motorway cruiser, being a BMW it can offer the agility and performance of a sports car if asked. As such, it makes very particular demands of its tyres. In common with most BMW cars, newer models are fitted with run-flat tyres.

Pirelli P Zero tyres are factory-fitted to most new 7 Series cars leaving the production line. In run-flat format, these will complement the cornering and grip abilities of these cars and are designed for the demands of high-performance driving. They are also very durable, meaning that they suit a heavy car like the 7 Series well, and are available in BMW-approved versions. Goodyear Excellence tyres are another range to have factory-fitted status. These are more of an all-round performer, balancing comfort and economy with performance, making them a sensible option for everyday motoring.

etyres’ best-selling tyres for the 7 Series are Michelin’s Primacy range. These, too, are available in BMW-approved formats. These tyres offer excellent grip properties in both wet and dry conditions, an important safety consideration for such a large and heavy car. Dunlop’s SportMaxx range, Bridgestone Potenza tyres and various Continental tyres are also popular. All are available in run-flat format and your own driving style will be an important consideration in choosing between them. At a lower price point, Kumho and Falken tyres will tick the right boxes for many 7 Series drivers, too.

The 7 Series is a heavy car and one which features the rear wheel drive design common to most BMW models. This gives the excellent balance and driver response which is the hallmark of ‘the ultimate driving machine’. However, in the snow, cold or extreme wet of a British winter, the car’s handling and control can suffer. It’s therefore worth considering the safety benefits of specialist winter tyres in the colder months. Of course these tyres are not factory-fitted to BMW models sold in the UK, but it might be useful to know that BMW recommends Pirelli Sottozero and Continental WinterContact tyres for the 7 Series.