BMW 3 Series tyres

As it approaches its fortieth birthday, there’s no sign of the 3 Series worrying about grey hairs or suffering a mid-life crisis. In its newest form, this BMW is as polished as ever. It remains one of the best executive cars there is. Fine handling, strong performance and excellent economy are its key features.

A wide range of engines are available, with the new diesel as popular as ever with fleet managers for its low Carbon Dioxide emissions and fuel consumption. For the first time BMW’s xDrive 4×4 system is available for the 3 Series: this is now chosen for one in every ten new models sold.

One of the most important and enduring features of the 3 Series is its build quality. This means that there are huge numbers of them, new and old, on British roads. As such, etyres fits replacement tyres to literally thousands of them every year. With the exception of the M3, new models are factory-fitted with run-flat tyres. Drivers of these cars should always replace a damaged or worn tyre with one of a similar run-flat format.

In both run-flat and regular formats, etyres’ best-selling tyres for the 3 Series include many BMW-approved versions of popular tyre types. These are specifically designed in partnership with BMW’s engineers to complement the performance characteristics of these cars. Popular choices for the 3 Series include tyres from all the major brands, among them Pirelli, Michelin, GoodyearContinental and Bridgestone. Thus a 3 Series owner ought to consider his or her individual driving style and annual mileage. This will help you choose the most suitable tyre from the large numbers of different brands and specifications available.

Drivers covering larger mileages will place prime importance on the fuel economy ratings of different replacement tyre options. On the other hand, the safety benefits associated with a higher wet grip rating will be an important consideration for the drivers of the many 3 Series models being used as family cars. Higher-performance 3 Series models will call for a tyre which offers similarly sporty characteristics. etyres also specialises in winter tyres for optimum safety and grip in cold and snowy conditions.

Kumho and Nexen tyres are further popular choices for the 3 Series, with both available at competitive prices. etyres also supplies and fits a broad range of budget and economy tyres, among them many to suit drivers of older 3 Series models.