BMW 2 Series tyres

The 2 Series has all the handling and balance you’d expect of a large BMW but in a smaller package. More’s the point, you’d have to be a curmudgeon not to admire its fantastic looks. Labelled a coupe, it is effectively a two-seater saloon. It therefore complements BMW’s successful 1 Series hatchback range, with which it shares its chassis and many components.

However, the range is complemented by the new 2 Series Active Tourer. This has only recently been introduced to the UK market and marks a major change in BMW’s philosophy. This is – gasp, shock, horror – a front-wheel-drive car, the first of these to be built by BMW for a generation.

For many years, BMW has been unwavering in its pursuit of rear-wheel-drive cars. This set-up gives its cars great balance and handling performance, much as you’d expect from ‘the ultimate driving machine’. For the 2 Series Active Tourer, though, front wheel drive will suit since it is essentially a small MPV rather than a performance car. Changing fashions are behind its launch, as it serves a market in which BMW has been traditionally unrepresented. As one rival has said, if you don’t make a car to meet a growing market segment then you might as well be standing at the doorstep handing fifty pound notes to your rivals! By all accounts, the 2 Series Active Tourer is a practical car, with excellent fuel economy and a versatile interior, so there’s every reason for it to be a commercial success.

Like all other BMW ‘M’-models, the M235i, which is the premium performance model at the top of the 2 Series range, is equipped with high-performance tyres. Run-flat tyres are not used because the increased strength of their sidewall would compromise the car’s extreme levels of roadholding and performance. Michelin’s Pilot Super Sport range, designed for the most demanding drivers, is often fitted to this car in BMW’s factories and suits it perfectly.

In contrast, all other 2 Series cars are fitted with run-flat tyres, in line with all non ‘M’-models in BMW’s extensive range. For the 2 Series, the standard factory-fitted tyre is the Pirelli P Zero fun-flat. The 2 Series is still a relatively new range and many drivers will replace a worn or damaged tyre on a like-for-like basis and to match those fitted to the other wheels. For both reasons, unsurprisingly it’s Pirelli’s P Zero range which is etyres’ best-selling tyres for the 2 Series.

Just as it is with the 1 Series and indeed most new BMW models, the critical issue when replacing tyres on a 2 Series is that of run-flat tyres. A worn or damaged run-flat tyre should always be replaced by one of a similar type. The car’s suspension and other components have been designed for use with run-flat, rather than normal, tyres. Additionally, fitting one run-flat and one regular tyre across an axle could cause serious damage to the car, quite apart from the compromises to handling and safety.

etyres supplies and fits a comprehensive range of run-flat tyres from all the major manufacturers, including versions to match the tyres on your 2 Series. Many tyre depots and garages do not have the machinery or knowledge needed to remove a run-flat tyre from a wheel rim, but we do, and it’s an area in which we have industry-leading experience.