BMW 1 Series tyres

The launch of the 1 Series was a move into small car waters hitherto unchartered by BMW. It was seized upon by both Jeremy Clarkson and the high-speed-idiot brigade. Feathers were spat and complaints made. For many, making a small hatchback sailed too close to diluting the performance brand of ‘the ultimate driving machine’.

Yet ‘the poor man’s BMW’ remains as popular as ever. Its agility, practicality and comfort combine with great performance. It shines like a beacon to the many small-car drivers who aspire to a little piece of rear-wheel-drive German engineering and luxury.

Across all engine sizes, the 1 Series is surprisingly economical and cheap to run. With excellent handling and good safety features, it is a popular choice of small but premium family car. To this end, comparing the wet grip levels of the different tyre choices available is the obvious starting point when replacing a worn or damaged tyre on a 1 Series. The most suitable replacement tyres will have high ratings for wet grip clearly displayed on their label. Any such tyre will preserve the car’s safety and performance. Additionally, a good rating for fuel economy is also important to complement these cars’ remarkably thrifty engines.

Like most new BMW models, the 1 Series is factory-fitted with run-flat tyres. It’s important to remember that a run-flat tyre should only be replaced by a tyre with similar run-flat capabilities. etyres supplies and fits run-flat tyres from all major manufacturers to suit every type of 1 Series, including those to suit all driving styles and mileages.

Best-selling brands for the 1 Series with etyres include Bridgestone, Continental, Dunlop, Goodyear, Michelin and Pirelli. All of these are premium tyres and available in run-flat formats to suit this car. Many of these manufacturers produce BMW-specific versions of each tyre, designed to complement each model perfectly. Nexen and Kumho are two middle-market brands whose tyres sell well for the 1 Series and are thus worth considering.

Only a limited number of budget or economy tyres are available in run-flat format. That, and their lack of ‘badge appeal’, goes some way towards explaining their relative unpopularity for fitting to these cars.