Bentley tyres

Many years ago, this correspondent left Chepstow racecourse in Wales after the last race. I was in a Subaru Legacy, by no means the most pedestrian of cars, and late. I was pushing maybe 85 or 90mph on an empty M4 when from nowhere what was unmistakeably a Bentley loomed large in my mirror. I moved into the middle lane, without dropping my speed, to let it pass. The effect as the Bentley did so was as if all of my car’s tyres had suddenly gone flat at once.

Stopping at Leigh Delamere services, I was getting out of my car as the driver of the Bentley, an old gentleman in an immaculate suit, was getting back into his. I said something along the lines of him hardly hanging around as he’d gone past. “Oh really?” he said, and smiled. “I’m ever so sorry. I didn’t notice. I was listening to the Test Match commentary on the radio.”

A silly story, perhaps; but one which identifies everything about Bentley. The world may have changed, with the old boy in the undoubtedly Savile Row suit now replaced by a different clientele (IT millionaires, minor European royalty, gangsta rappers, footballers from Cheshire, golf stars from the Home Counties and countless Far Eastern or Russian nouveaux riches) yet the British bruiser, the Crewe cruiser, still packs every punch, ticks every box and turns every head. Quite simply, these are as good a car as there is.

Even a Bentley will require a replacement tyre occasionally. We can’t, sadly, promise that etyres’ mobile fitters will dress in livery to present these on a silver salver. However, we do supply tyres which will complement every Bentley’s performance, refinement and comfort, expertly fitted outside Manor houses, ballrooms and boardrooms the length and breadth of Britain.

When it comes to their cars, Bentley owners don’t cut corners. Thus when it comes to caring for these cars when fitting new tyres, neither do we.

Details of tyres suitable for different Bentley models can be found by asking your butler to click on the menu to the left of this page. Alternatively, he can enter the tyre size and postcode into the search tool above.