Bentley Mulsanne tyres

That the Mulsanne costs £228,000 – and that’s before optional extras – tells you nearly all you need to know about it. It’s the old adage of if you have to ask its price, you almost certainly can’t afford it! Though the car offers effortless performance and hand-crafted luxury, it also promises long-term running costs and depreciation which fly off any normal scale.

None of this will deter buyers in Bentley’s most important markets in China or the Middle East. Bentley cannot build and export these cars quickly enough to keep up with demand.

What sets the Mulsanne apart is that it has genuine credibility as a driver’s car, as well as being a supremely comfortable from the back seat. A quick flick of a suspension switch is all it takes to turn the Mulsanne from an elegant and restrained cruiser into an involving and responsive V8 sports car. Indeed what else would you expect from a car which takes 12 weeks, or 480 man hours, to build?

Needless to say, this is an ultra-exclusive limousine, a car which will only sell to the truly rich. That its servicing, insurance, fuel and other running costs would make the average working man wince is beside the point. It’s a similar case with replacement tyres. You can tell just from looking at the sheer bulk of rubber involved that a tyre to fit the Mulsanne is going to be pricey.

As you’d expect, Bentley works in ongoing partnerships with many major tyre manufacturers. These collaborations result in Bentley-approved versions of many premium tyres, specifically recommended to complement the car’s handling and performance. Price will never be an issue for replacement tyres for a Bentley. Instead, optimum properties of grip, handling and response are more important, together with durability (these are, naturally, very heavy cars). The most popular selling of these with etyres is Pirelli’s P Zero Rosso, an ultra-high performance tyre which also offers the highest levels of road comfort. Other Bentley-approved options include Yokohama’s Advan Sport range and various sports tyres from MichelinAvon and Dunlop.