Bentley Flying Spur tyres

The Flying Spur used to be part of Bentley’s Continental range, a stretched version of the Continental GT Coupe. Indeed Bentley’s history and heritage has always been about the two-door cars which it has done best. However, continued demand from the USA and in in particular China means that the four-door Flying Spur is now a model in its own right. Indeed the Chinese market has underpinned this saloon car’s success, with 60% of its production run now exported there.

This is a car designed as much to be driven in as to drive. At 2.5 tonnes, it is a big car, a super-luxury limousine, although it is to Bentley’s credit that it does not feel like it to drive. It comes with choice of two engines, with the larger of these, the 6 litre W12, the most powerful Bentley engine ever. The car is unmistakably a Bentley in style and appearance, a testament to the quality of what British engineering can do.

If there’s been one criticism of the Flying Spur, it’s that the suspension can be very soft. Rather than being a shortfall on Bentley’s part, this has been deliberately designed to reflect the taste of Chinese buyers. Bentley has also worked with Pirelli to produce a completely new tyre design, unique to the Flying Spur. This ‘BL’ (Bentley-approved) version of the P Zero Rosso is intended to maintain the safety and performance of the car whilst also offering a softer ride, again built to suit the demands of the Chinese market. It is available to suit the standard wheel size of 19 inches. Larger alloy wheels in 20 and 21-inch sizes are also available. However, these will call for low-profile tyres. These can reportedly make the car’s ride a little too fidgety on uneven roads for some European buyers.

As with many Bentley models, a range of tyres is available from major manufacturers bearing ‘BL’ stamps to show that they are approved by Bentley. These are never commonplace cars and thus etyres’ own sales records won’t feature many tyres being fitted to them. However, as you might imagine, Pirelli’s P Zero Rosso tyres, in Bentley-approved formats, are the best-selling for the Flying Spur. In practical terms, the best tyre to buy for a Bentley is usually one of the same brand and model as the worn or damaged one being replaced. This helps preserve the fine balance and great performance of the car.