Bentley Continental tyres

Bentley is best known for its cars’ powerful engines and luxury motoring. The Continental GT, a sporty coupe, delivers both in spades. Though Bentley may now be part of the Volkswagen group, recent versions of this wonderful car show that its spirit is in no way diluted by that change of ownership.

The Continental GT harks back to a long line of Bentley tradition. This is evident not only in the luxurious design of the car’s interior but also in its performance. How this car differs from many others is that it is a supremely stylish long-distance cruiser which has evolved into a sports car. In contrast, many other modern supercars are the direct opposite. The Continental GT is a big and heavy car, one designed to get you from A to B as quickly and comfortably as possible whilst still being fun to drive. It isn’t a car built to be thrown into corners on the limit – it’s definitely British, not Italian!

Owning a Bentley is never cheap in terms of either purchase or day-to-day driving. They can be expensive to buy, especially if fitted with many optional extras, and fuel consumption is fairly terrible. Yet that doesn’t matter to the average Bentley driver, for whom great engines, handling and craftsmanship are worth the investment and ongoing cost.

Naturally a high-performance car like this will demand a very specific type of tyre. Again, these are hardly the cheapest you can buy, but the drive of the car will reward the investment in the right tyres. Modern tyre designs for this kind of car will feature an asymmetric pattern, in which the tread on the inside differs from that on the outside. The outer shoulder is designed to offer maximum support of the car’s (considerable) weight when cornering, while the inside has specially-shaped grooves for maximum water dispersal. Additionally, the tyres are directional, meaning that they are designed to run in a particular direction for optimum performance, roadholding and safety. Taking all this into account, it’s easy to see that tyres for a car such as the Continental GT are not interchangeable amongst each other. Furthermore, the rear wheels of a car like this are usually larger than those at the front, meaning that the tyres on each axle will be of different sizes, too.

Bentley works with various tyre manufacturers to create ‘Bentley –approved’ versions of premium tyres: AvonDunlop and Yokohama are just three examples. These approved versions can be readily identified by the letters ‘B’ or ‘BL’ on the tyre’s sidewall. However, etyres’ most popular tyre for the Continental GT – and by a huge margin – is Pirelli’s P Zero Rosso. Naturally this is available in a Bentley-approved format. Comfort, increased handling and ultra-high performance are its key attributes: unsurprisingly, it fits this car like a glove.