Audi tyres

Audi works with many tyre manufacturers to produce Audi-specific versions of popular tyres. These are specially designed to suit the performance and safety levels of its cars. They are easily identified by the letters ‘AO’ on the tyre’s sidewall.

Naturally these AO-marked and Audi-approved tyres are among the broad range available from etyres. These come to suit every Audi, new or old, every budget and every driving style. Further details of recommended and best-selling tyres for popular Audi models can be found by clicking on the menu on the left. You can find and order new tyres for your Audi by entering your tyre size and postcode into the search tool above.

The EU tyre labelling regulations were introduced in 2012. They marked a major change in the traditionally rather opaque world of tyre retail. By law, each new tyre now displays a sticker showing its performance in three key tests: wet grip, fuel economy and noise emissions. This enables consumers and drivers to assess and compare the performance, as well as price, of different tyres. The details published on these labels allow you to make an informed choice when purchasing replacement tyres for your Audi.

All prices shown on etyres’ website are not only price-checked but also all-inclusive. Our mobile fitters will come to your home or office to replace your tyres, offering convenience and great value.