Audi R8 tyres

A consistently high standard of engineering and marketing has turned Audi into one of the most successful brands in Europe. It was always presumed to be urban myth that if Audi didn’t have a presence in a particular market sector then it was planning one. But a mid-engined all-purpose sports car, with four wheel drive and suitable for everyday use? The launch of the R8 marked a completely new direction for the German manufacturer, aimed squarely at traditional Porsche territory.

Four wheel drive and great braking capability mean that the R8 is a very safe car as well as a quick one. This is underpinned by huge levels of grip and thus the R8 demands a very specialist type of tyre. Interestingly, the R8 features unusual wheel and tyre sizes and thus not every tyre supplier will have tyres to suit it available at a moment’s notice, something worth bearing in mind when replacing worn or damaged tyres.

The launch of the R8 came after a large amount of development, something in which Audi worked with a range of tyre manufacturers. New models continue to be fitted with tyres from three major suppliers. It is therefore no surprise that these factory-fitted ranges are etyres’ best-selling replacement tyres for the R8.

Pirelli‘s P Zero tyres need little introduction, being the almost default choice for the makers of a huge number of different sports cars. They are designed for the highest levels of grip on both wet and dry road surfaces, with large rigid blocks for optimum handling response. Available in Audi-approved (‘AO’) versions, this tyre ticks all the boxes for many R8 drivers and offers durability as well as performance.

The Pilot Super Sport is one of the most performance-orientated tyres ever produced by Michelin. It, too, offers high levels of durability alongside optimum grip and performance. They lend sports cars control and confidence in high-performance driving, making them a popular choice for the R8. Available in Audi-approved formats, this tyre offers increased safety in all conditions, as you’d expect from Michelin.

The final factory-fitted tyre to consider for the R8 is Continental’s SportContact range. Again, great roadholding and braking control are key features of these tyres, which also combine a low rolling resistance and a focus on fuel economy. These are a durable option, meaning that they are a recommended choice due to their excellent safety and performance on a day-to-day basis.

The R8 is very much a specialist performance car, one which demands a particular type of tyre. Needless to say, the average tyre on the rack won’t offer the performance or safety levels which this car needs. Other suitable options include the Yokohama Advan Sport range, which is known for excellent traction in the wet, and Hankook’s Evo tyres, which offer high roadholding ability in dry conditions.