Audi Q3 tyres

The Q3 is the smallest car in Audi’s Q range and a best-seller in the popular compact SUV market. It’s effectively a ‘soft roader’, a hatchback with wellington boots rather than an out-and-out off-roader. These vehicles offer the high driving position and looks of a fully-fledged off-roader but without the drawbacks. Thus in terms of mpg, size and ride quality, the Q3 is more like a taller version of the A3 than a serious off-road vehicle. It is available with full-time four-wheel-drive, but this is more for extra grip on slippery roads than for use in muddy fields.

The lines of the Q3 are smart and discreet, not boxy, and it offers motorists a commanding driving position. Being an Audi, its build quality is beyond question. However, if the car has one criticism it is that the ride is not perfect. 17-inch alloy wheels are the standard fitting, but the more expensive S Line and S Line Plus trim levels include 18-inch or even 19-inch wheels. These larger wheel sizes will call for lower-profile tyres, which will not be as comfortable in terms of ride quality. If your Q3 does sport these lower-profile tyres, it’s very much worth fitting a more durable tyre, which will typically be one from the better-known manufacturers. etyres’ general advice to always choose the best tyre you can afford is particularly relevant in this case.

A premium SUV or hatchback tyre will suit the Q3 best, rather than a specialist off-road tyre. The latter are available in sizes to fit this car, but in real terms there is little demand for them from Q3 drivers. etyres’ best-selling tyre brand for this car is Pirelli. The Verde version of Pirelli’s Scorpion range is designed to support a smaller SUV perfectly, While it is not made for off-road use, this is not an issue for many Q3 owners. The other Pirelli tyre to consider is the P Zero range. These tyres are designed for high-performance cars so they’re a good option for sportier drivers or the more performance-orientated versions of the Q3. This tyre also comes in Audi-approved formats which can be easily identified by an ‘AO’ marking.

Continental tyres are also a popular choice, with the CrossContact range the most suitable for the Q3. The UHP version of these is designed to support larger vehicles but their safety and grip capabilities will tick the box for many Q3 owners. The standard versions of the CrossContact range are designed for more compact crossover vehicles and are perennially popular for the Q3 and many similarly-sized cars.

Michelin and Goodyear tyres are also available to suit the Q3. It’s worth mentioning that most cheaper budget or economy tyres won’t provide the support or durability demanded by this car. Additionally, they lack badge appeal, which won’t worry some drivers but goes some way towards explaining the unpopularity of these tyres with Q3 drivers.