Audi A8 tyres

The Audi A8’s understated and subtle looks won’t be to everyone’s taste. However, this is very much a premium car, built to last, which can effortlessly combine high levels of performance with the fuel economy of a much smaller model. Unsurprisingly, it calls for a tyre which ticks similar boxes.

Original equipment fittings for the Audi A8 include Continental and Pirelli tyres. It follows that these two are etyres’ best-selling tyre brands for this car. Pirelli’s P Zero tyre leads the way. Available in an Audi-approved fitting, it is characterised by a distinct asymmetrical tread pattern. It is very much a high-performance tyre, with great levels of grip, and particularly suited to four-wheel drive versions of the A8.

Continental has recently launched the ContiSilent, a low-noise tyre, on which the company worked closely with Audi’s A8 design team. Indeed tyre noise is one of the few criticisms fairly levied at the A8. For the time being, though, etyres’ best-selling Continental range for the A8 are SportContact tyres. These are built for optimum safety, performance and economy. Being a durable tyre from a premium manufacturer, they are hardly the cheapest on the rack. However, their durability means that they make an excellent long-term investment for A8 drivers.

The A8 was launched as far back as 1994. The comfort of its ride is one of its key assets, something which can be jeopardised if large alloy wheels and low-profile tyres are used. While it is a big car, it features an aluminium body so it is not as heavy as you might expect. Even so, it is a car which will quickly wear through unsuitable tyres. You wouldn’t necessarily think of the A8 as a high-performance car but in an understated way it can be one. The top-of-the-range model beats the Porsche Boxster for straight-line acceleration, for example.

That said, the 3-litre diesel A8 makes a great motorway cruiser and offers surprisingly good economy. Long-distance motorway comfort is this car’s key asset.

This balance of performance and economy is a feature of most motorists’ driving style, too. The way you drive and the specification of your A8 should be important factors in replacement tyre choice. Aside from the two best-selling brands above, Goodyear and Dunlop tyres have proved popular choices for A8 drivers, while Kumho and Falken tyres are worth considering as more mid-range choices.