Audi A5 tyres

The Audi A5 may well have looks to die for. Interestingly, though, it shares its chassis and many of its components and design with the A4, a much more sober car. It’s best to think of the car as a two-seater: that distinguishes it from its brother, and additionally its rear seats will only really accommodate children. Quite apart from the room in the back being cramped, getting there in the first place is another matter entirely for an adult!

Like many Audi cars, the A5 is available in various guises. At one end of the scale, a 2.0 litre turbo diesel engine makes the car a classy motorway cruiser with 67 miles per gallon. Directly opposite this is the RS5, launched in 2010 to celebrate the thirtieth birthday of the Audi Quattro. This model features full-time four-wheel-drive and grip by the tonne. Needless to say, it has performance in spades but economy certainly isn’t its strong suit.

The nature of both your particular A5 and your personal driving style should be key influences on tyre choice. etyres’ two best-selling tyres for the A5 are Pirelli’s P Zero Rosso and Goodyear’s Eagle F1 Asymmetric ranges. Both of these are ultra-high performance tyres, built to maximise grip and roadholding under extreme cornering and driving. Naturally they suit a car like the RS5 perfectly, with big external shoulder blocks to maximise support when cornering and to minimise understeer. They also look the part, an important factor for many.

Grip is an important consideration for both performance and safety when choosing new tyres for an A5. For more day-to-day use or a more everyday A5, Continental SportContact tyres are very popular. They balance good grip ratings with excellent durability, making them an excellent ‘all-round’ tyre choice, and are also available in Audi-approved formats. Dunlop’s SportMaxx is another performance tyre to bear an AO-mark to show approval from Audi and is worth considering for these cars.

Bridgestone tyres have proved popular for many different Audi models, offering durability and a balance of performance and economy. These are particularly suited to the A5. Nexen tyres are also worth consideration, combining good all-round performance without the price tag of a tyre from a premium brand.