Audi A4 tyres

Audi has sold 5 million A4 cars in the UK alone since the model was launched 20 years ago. Safe and composed handling and excellent passenger comfort are key reasons for its popularity. The car is available in saloon, Avant (estate) and rugged Allroad models as well as the high-performance S4 and RS4 series. Even older models still look good, and Audi’s diesel engines in particular seem indestructible. It’s no wonder that the A4 remains such a popular new and used car choice.

Many Audis are factory-fitted with Continental tyres. The SportContact is etyres’ best-selling replacement tyre for the A4. However, newer versions of the same company’s PremiumContact tyre are an excellent alternative. These have high ratings for both fuel economy and wet grip. Replacement tyre choice should be influenced by an individual’s driving style and mileage as much as the car’s specification. A diesel A4 being used for a daily commute or as a workhorse family car will place demands on its tyres different to those of an S4 model used regularly at high speeds on twisting roads, for example. The safety aspects promised by a tyre’s wet grip rating are an important consideration, especially for family cars. Drivers who cover high annual mileages – a particular strength of the A4 – will have just as much of a focus on the fuel economy ratings of different replacement options.

For sportier performance, Goodyear Eagle F1 Asymmetric tyres are a popular choice for the A4, as are Michelin Pilot Sport tyres and Dunlop’s SportMaxx range. In most sizes, all of these tyres are available in special Audi-approved formats. Pirelli Cinturato, Dunlop BluResponse and Bridgestone Turanza tyres are popular premium brand choices for all-round everyday use. Various Nexen, Hankook and Kumho tyres also sell well for fitting to different A4 models.

For older A4 models which cover a smaller mileage, or to suit cost-conscious motorists, various budget and economy tyre options are available from etyres. All of these come at competitive prices which include convenient mobile fitting at your home or workplace.