Audi A3 tyres

Audi’s A3 has been around for some time now. There’s no sign of it becoming long in the tooth, though. In its newest form it continues to offer good looks, a comfortable ride and a range of efficient engines. Maintaining a premium look and feel both inside and out has never been a problem for the A3. On new models, the three different suspension settings available all contribute to this car’s noted great balance, grip and steering precision.

Your driving style and annual mileage, as well as the performance level of your A3, should be important factors in replacement tyre choice.

Goodyear’s EfficientGrip Performance range is etyre’s best-selling replacement tyre for the A3. In most sizes, these tyres have a ‘B’-rating for fuel economy and an ‘A’-rating for wet grip. This combination makes them an excellent all-round premium choice.

Continental’s SportContact and PremiumContact ranges are also popular fittings for the A3. Of these, the SportContact is more suitable for higher-performance models including the S-Line model. These two Continental ranges are available in special Audi-approved formats. These are designed in partnership with Audi to complement the cars’ performance and roadholding characteristics, and indeed are factory-fitted to many new A3 models.

A further option for S-Line and S3 models is Goodyear’s Eagle F1 Asymmetric tyre. This offers excellent cornering and acceleration properties to suit these turbocharged editions.

Bridgestone tyres are also available in Audi-specific formats and have proved very popular. Further options which feature in etyres’ list of best-selling tyres for the Audi A3 are Dunlop SportMaxx and Pirelli Cinturato tyres. Kumho and Nexen also make tyres which suit the A3 perfectly, with both brands coming in at a slightly lower price points than the premium tyres detailed above. Naturally etyres stocks a broad range of budget and economy tyres appropriate for the A3, too.