Audi A1 tyres

Most A1 models leaving Audi’s factories do so fitted with Continental or Michelin tyres. The A1 features various engine sizes and formats and these usually dictate exactly which tyres are fitted. Cars with the smaller 1.0 and 1.4-litre engines are designed mainly for economy. Thus they are often delivered with Continental PremiumContact or EcoContact tyres. Both types will suit these cars perfectly since they focus on comfort, durability and fuel efficiency.

In contrast, sportier versions like those with the larger engines or the high-performance four-wheel-drive S1 will place different demands on their tyres. For these, Michelin’s Pilot Sport tyres offer excellent grip and roadholding characteristics. Indeed this range has been developed with Audi and is available in special fitments to suit the A1. Continental’s SportContact tyres are another range to have original equipment status with Audi and they, too, are fitted to the higher-performance A1 models.

The A1 offers a genuinely premium feel, something that’s relatively rare in a supermini. To look at it, you wouldn’t know that underneath its skin it shares almost all of its components with other small cars from Seat and Volkswagen. While it looks great and has a premium badge, the payoff is that it is also much more expensive than the Polo. However, it has broad appeal and has sold particularly well.

The higher the specification of each A1, the larger the alloy wheels with which Audi will equip it. Consequently, low-profile tyres are fitted. Some reviews have identified an uncomfortably firm ride on the higher-spec models. While much of this will stem from the design of the car’s suspension, it’s an issue which is worth bearing in mind when buying new tyres. The best tyres won’t help this much, but the worst ones will definitely make it far worse. As with all tyre purchases, it’s therefore worth investing in the best quality new tyres you can afford. Tyres from the premium brands may cost more in the short term. However, for a car like the A1, they are usually worth it in terms of long-term value and durability as well as the extra ride comfort.

Bridgestone , Pirelli and Dunlop tyres have proved popular choices for A1 drivers but etyres’ best-selling tyres for this car are the Continental SportContact and PremiumContact ranges detailed above. A further option to consider is Nexen tyres, available at a slightly lower price point.

It’s worth bearing in mind that the A1 is a small car and one in which no spare wheel is provided. The prime reason for this is usually one of space. An added advantage is that the car will weigh less, which brings improvements to both economy and performance. Additionally, using the tyre repair kit provided is often easier than changing a wheel at the roadside. However, the drawback of this is that the repair kit cannot fix every kind of damage at the roadside.