Aston Martin Vantage tyres

The Vantage may be the smallest car in the Aston Martin range but it has arguably played the biggest part in the marque’s recent revival.

Launched in 2005, it is instantly recognisable and very possibly the best-looking car on the road. It is wide, sleek, lean and athletic-looking. If one was parked outside your house, it’d make you smile every day as you drew back the curtains. Its performance is as well-proportioned as its appearance. A characterful engine provides remarkable handling and balance and its steering is sharp and accurate. When driven at speed, the Vantage somehow forgives and makes up for any shortfall in your driving. The car’s best feature, though, is more than any of those: it is the sheer noise its engine makes.

The Vantage is very much an everyday sports car. While it is the same size as its main rival, the Porsche 911, it has all the character, rarity and exclusivity which that car can often lack. True, the Vantage is hardly cheap to buy (at £90,000-plus new) and horrifically expensive to run, but then nobody worried about economy ever bought one.

As a car which delivers performance in spades, the Vantage demands a very particular type of tyre. These won’t be the cheapest on the rack but that won’t come as any surprise. Pirelli P Zero tyres are fitted to many Vantage models leaving Aston Martin’s Gaydon factory. It therefore follows that these are etyres’ best-selling tyres for Vantage owners. Like most ultra-high performance tyres, these are asymmetric in design, with stiff outer shoulder blocks for increased roadholding. They also feature deep grooves to their inner to ensure swift water removal from even the wettest roads, while thick circumferential grooves increase both stability and steering response.

Other tyres to consider include Bridgestone’s Potenza range, which features similar characteristics to support the Vantage’s performance. Additionally, Yokohama’s Advan Sport tyres and Michelin’s Pilot Sport range will complement this car perfectly.