Aston Martin Vanquish tyres

Aston Martin cars have very distinctive looks which make them immediately recognisable. However, telling two different models is not quite so easy, especially since many of them represent evolutions of a similar chassis or design. A case in point of this interbreeding is the Vanquish. The name was given to the model launched in 2001, which featured in the James Bond film Die Another Day. This model was produced for four years, replaced by the Vanquish S which appeared alongside the DBS.

From 2012, the Vanquish name has been given to the DBS’s successor (above), the largest car in the Aston Martin range. Meanwhile, the convertible version bears the label Vanquish Volante. Any confusion is compounded – or indeed illustrated – by the models all looking very similar. With its lowslung bodywork, for example, the Vanquish is unmistakably the DBS’s brother.

The modern Vanquish is the most advanced car Aston Martin has ever produced. The weight of its 6-litre engine is offset by a body made of carbon fibre, giving the car high-speed stability and fantastic balance. It is very responsive and particularly composed even on the rough, uneven or difficult road surfaces. It’s very much a classic British sports car.

Even diamonds have flaws and of course any Aston Martin is expensive to buy and run. Supply has never been plentiful, so even used models have high residual values, while driving one every day will put you at the very top of the local petrol station manager’s Christmas card list. However, Aston Martin ownership has always been a decision made by the heart, not by the head.

Factory-fitted standard issue for the newer Vanquish are 20-inch alloy wheels with Pirelli P Zero tyres, while Yokohama’s AVS tyres (forerunners of the Advan Sport range) were usually found as original equipment on the previous generation of the car. Both of these tyre types sell well for the Vanquish with etyres. However, our best-selling tyre for both types of the car is Michelin’s Pilot Super Sport range. Common to all three of these are their high levels of grip and their emphasis on high-performance driving. In essence, they make a perfect match for the Vanquish.

These cars can be very demanding of their tyres, albeit no more so than similar performance-orientated models. As such, Vanquish drivers should keep an eye out for the wear rate of their tyres since grip is easily compromised when tread begins to wear down. Needless to say, this can often happen sooner than you might otherwise expect.

Other replacement tyres to consider include Bridgestone’s Potenza range and Avon tyres. Both have proved particularly popular with Aston Martin drivers and indeed are factory-fitted across much of the manufacturer’s range.