Aston Martin tyres

Aston Martin celebrated its centenary in 2013. In its life, it has produced just 70,000 cars, a figure which will surprise many. In contrast, Ford sells that many new Fiesta models in the UK in just six months. An annual average of just 700 cars over the manufacturer’s lifetime shows the ‘feast and famine’ which characterises its history. It has lurched from one perilous financial position to another, running out of money seven times along the way. A continual stream of investors and owners has come into the business with high hopes, only to leave with burnt fingers. Ironically, the company only ever made a proper profit when it stopped making cars to supply the army with aeroplane parts during the Second World War.

Despite all of this, Aston Martin cars have come to symbolise something very special, a heritage as a quintessentially luxury brand with a sophisticated British craft ethic. Despite being a minnow of the marketplace, its cars compete against luxury brands backed by industry Goliaths. Rolls-Royce is owned by BMW; VW owns Lamborghini and Bentley; and both Ferrari and Maserati are part of Fiat. Yet, save for a 5% holding owned by Daimler, Aston Martin sits alone, with a small factory on a former airfield in the Midlands. Only in Britain… Sadly, without the deep pockets of a rich parent to raid, Aston Martin will always be battling against the tide in terms of manufacturing technology and research. A common criticism is that new Aston Martin models are never really ‘new’: instead they are developments of former models. It has had to mend and make do.

The company’s target is to build 7,000 cars a year. Limiting supply to these levels will preserve exclusivity and control residual values of its used cars. Aston Martin also wants to revive the Lagonda brand to compete with Rolls-Royce in the lucrative limousine market in China and the Middle East. Other aims are to make its cars more appealing to women drivers, especially in overseas markets, without ‘pinking them or shrinking them’, and to enter the all-important SUV sector with the new electric DBX.

Like James Bond, Aston Martin cars remain the last word in cool but in a grown-up way. It’s hard not to love them. Naturally these are not mass-market cars and demand specialist tyres. etyres stocks many of these to suit every Aston Martin model. Our national sales team is available seven days a week on 0800 028 9000 to offer impartial advice to help you choose the right tyres to suit your car. Details of etyres’ best-selling and recommended tyres for a range of models from the Aston Martin range can be found via the menu to the left. Alternatively, you can find tyres to fit your car by entering its tyre size into the search tool above.