Alfa Romeo tyres

etyres supplies tyres for all Alfa Romeo models at market-leading prices. These prices include the convenience of mobile fitting, so we come to you at home or work and at your convenience to fit your new tyre. Also included are wheel balancing, VAT, a new valve and safe disposal of your old tyre.

No two tyre designs have the same characteristics, and critical considerations in new tyre choice include your driving style and mileage. Alfa Romeo cars appeal to a broad range of motorists. Just as the driver of a small-engined city car differs from the person behind the wheel of a high-performance sports model, the ways both drive can be poles apart. A city car will usually demand tyres that support both fuel economy and its wet grip. The latter means a safer drive in all weathers and reduced stopping distances. In contrast, the key feature of an Alfa Romeo with a larger or sportier engine is that it’ll offer great performance at high speeds and on twisting roads. As such, a premium sports tyre will complement this car – and the way that it is driven – much more closely.

Further details about etyres’ recommended and best-selling tyres for two popular Alfa Romeo models – the Giulietta and Mito – can be found by clicking in the menu to the left. To order replacement tyres for these or any Alfa Romeo model, enter your tyre size and postcode into the search tool above.

Once your new tyre is fitted, it is very important to check its pressure regularly. Tyres are chosen by the car’s manufacturer to complement and optimise the mechanical performance and safety of the car. These will be compromised by incorrect tyre pressure. An underinflated tyre increases the car’s fuel consumption and can easily overheat, while an overinflated tyre will restrict the car’s response and handling. In either scenario, tyre life and safety are much reduced. Both cases show why it is important to check a tyre’s pressure regularly throughout its working life. Correct tyre pressures for your car can usually be found in the owner’s manual or on a plaque by the driver’s door.